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Дикость потребительства. Рождественские распродажи.

Carnage: Many foreign tourists were among the bargain-hunters who squeezed into Selfridges on Oxford Street today

Лондон. Лица «цивилизованного» мира, требующего, чтобы мы все превратились вот в таких потребляющих зомби с промытыми мозгами. Это фото с рождественских распродаж в Лондоне, начавшиеся еще на Рождество, в 11-30 ночи. (Фото из «Дэйли мэйл» за сегодня).

Вглядитесь в эти совершенно лишенные мысли физиономии людей разных рас и национальностей, тяжело больных вещизмом. Они часами стоят в очереди, чтобы купить немножко подешевле вещи, большая часть большей части из которых абсолютно не нужны и будут потом пылиться в шкафу.

Эти физиономии — зеркальное отражение всей мерзости капитализма.

Luxury: Shoppers snapped up pricey handbags and other high-end items which had been heavily discounted
Packed out: Oxford Street appeared almost as busy as it was during the pre-Christmas rush
Sales: A long queue formed outside Selfridges on London's Oxford Street today as shoppers hunted for Boxing Day bargains
Engulfed: A baby in a pushchair which his mother has covered in clothes at the Highcross shopping centre in Leicester
Star: Magician Dynamo taking a selfie with appreciative customers outside Harrods
Queues: Nearly 2,000 shoppers stood in line in central  Cardiff  looking for bargains at the local branch of Next
Laden: A woman at the Next branch in Cardiff surrounding by her Boxing Day bargains
Keen: Shoppers outside Zara's flagship store on Oxford Street in London
Anticipation: Shoppers queue up for the Next sale at Berryden, Aberdeen
Overloaded: Shoppers struggle with large bags as they leave the sales at Next in Peterborough this morning
Holding  back the hordes: Security guards at the Highcross centre in Leicester had to stop the crowds from flooding shops
Getting ready: Shoppers queuing outside Harrods in Knightsbridge, where dozens of butlers are set to help customers
Luxury: Shoppers waited in anticipation of gourmet canapés and a performance by magician Dynamo
Crush: Shoppers queue up inside Manchester's Trafford Centre to try and get in to Selfridges
Tired: One early-morning shopper stifles a yawn as he waits outside Next in Sheffield at 5.30am
Keen: Over 1,000 shoppers were reported to  be queuing  in the Silverburn shopping centre in Glasgow

Overflowing: A shopping bag in Cheltenham full of clothes many of which were discounted by 50 per cent

Ирина Маленко

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